Question 1 pixel issue. What to do? Samsung Odissey G7 LS28AG700NUXEN 27" LED IPS UltraHD

Mar 8, 2022
Samsung Odissey G7 LS28AG700NUXEN 27" LED IPS UltraHD 4K 144Hz G-Sync Compatible

I found out yesterday that i have a non responding pixel on my display, wondering what kind of issue is that. What should i do? Got the monitor nearly 2 weeks ago so im still elegible to replace it but not sure if they'll take it back since its only 1 pixel issue.
This non responding pixel is only visible on dark background it reflects in Red, Green and Blue(RGB) colors when i look at it from different angles.

Figure out what your retailer's return policies are concerning dead pixels. Some retailers have a 0-dead pixel policy where any single dead pixel is a good enough reason to send it back, other retailers allow up to a certain number of dead pixel per (square) inch.

One of my monitors has a dead pixel and it's so small and near the edge that I even forget that it's there. If it's permanently in your vision (as in, in the middle of your screen) to the point where it's severely irritating and they allow it, send it back.

TL;DR Figure out if you can send it back and if allowed and the dead pixel is annoying enough, go through with sending it back.