Question 1 program says 30gb the other says 8gb

I have 32gb of RAM.

While Im in game RTSS says the game is using 30gb of RAM.

At the same time, Task manager says the game is using 8gb of RAM. And the whole system is only using 44% of my available RAM.

Which one is correct?

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If you suspect you have faulty ram their is a windows tool called memory diagnosis , it is pretty basic but does work , after running it you go back to desktop , dont do anything , wait for a pop up to report back to you . The only downside to this program is that it wont tell you which stick is faulty so you will have to repeat the exersize 1 stick at a time.

Also try this .... if you think "something" is using ram that you are not aware of expand the task manager to full screen , do use anything just sit and watch it for a while , you might see something running that you are not aware of.