Question 1 week old first build, daily coldboot issues.

Nov 22, 2020
I did my first pcbuild a week ago and it have been a frustrating journey.

What's been happening is that the pc wont boot for hours after i wake up. Then it randomly will boot up and work fine, it will be shutdown and booted up several times without any issues troughout the day. Then i will go to bed and the next day it wont boot again.

What happens is that the rgb on the RAM will light up but everything else is dead. Rest of rgb doesnt light up and fans doesnt spin.

The motherboard doesnt have any lights for troubleshooting, so cant use that stuff to see what is happening.

I've tried everything and searched trough the internet for other people with the same issue and it usually seem to be a faulty psu or motherboard.

There is only 1 thing left to rule out and that is re mounting the cpu and cooler. This have to wait until tomorrow because i dont have alcohol to remove the thermal paste but i already removed the cpu and checked the pins and nothing is bent

Is this most likely a faulty mobo? I dont have a spares and i dont know anyone that i can borrow it from to test. Would rather not order both a new psu and mobo but rather just the most likely culprit since both would cost me almost 300$.

Just to give you guys a run down on the past weeks experiences here it how it played out and what i have tried:

1st day i opened up the case and spent a hour removing gpu, radiator and checking/replugging all cables, removing ram/changing slots. This time it booted up after i replugged the 24pin connector 2-3 times.

2nd day i tried to do the same to no avail. After spending 1-2 hours with the case open it booted up after replugging and wiggling the frontpanel connectors.

3rd day playing with the 24pin solved it again

4th day, spend a hour checking everything without any success. Gave up and 40 minutes i randomly pushed the powerbutton and it booted up

5th day i thought i saw a pattern that it would always boot up around the same time everyday. So i left it alone and set my alarm and yes it actually booted up around the same time of the day as the day before.

6th day waiting didnt work this time, pulled radatior and gpu, replugged everything in no certain order and after about a hour it booted.

7th day/today, i never got it to boot up. I pulled everything out to try and boot it out of the case to see if it was something in the case shorting it. Only left the essentials on the mobo like cpu/cooler, 24pin, atx connector. Shorted the pw pins to rule out the frontpanel connectors.

Didnt work.

Here is my specifications;

Mobo: gigabyte b550m auros pro
Cpu: ryzen5 3600xt
Cpu cooler: Lian li galahad 240
RAM: 2x8GB G.skill trident z neo 3200 cl16
Gpu: gigabyte 3070 gaming oc
Psu: corsair rm750
Nvme: wd black sn750 250gb
SSD: samsung 860 evo 1tb
Case: bequiet pure base 500dx
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The pattern I see:

"This time it booted up after i replugged the 24pin connector 2-3 times."

Could be a faulty connector or possibly the 24 pin port.

Are you sure that the connector is going squarely and fully into the port? New build connections can be tight and no one wants to force anything.

Are all the wires going into the connector fully and firmly in place? Any signs of cracking or damage to the connector?

Inspect connector and port with a bright flashlight and magnifying glass.

Modular PSU - correct? Check the PSU sockets as well. Did you mix and match PSU cables from another PSU - that can be problematic.

Test the PSU voltages. You may discover a wire or two where voltage is lost or changes if you move the wires.
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Nov 22, 2020
Yes i've inspected it since my first thought was that it was something wrong with the cable or the port. Cant find anything visually wrong with it. The connector is plugged in properly/all the way in.

Yes modular psu and i've checked the ports on it and replugged the cable on that end several times aswell. I'm using the cables that came with the PSU.

I dont have a multimeter so cant check the voltages atm.
Nov 22, 2020
So a update!

Got a rm750x psu yesterday and indeed the issue was on the psu side.

Ordered a new cable to pinpoint the problem, would be nice if i would be able to sell the rm750 and keep the rm750x.