Question 10 bit display but no 10 bit option in nvidia control panel


Nov 28, 2014
So i just got a new monitor, the VX3276-2K-mhd and it supports 10bit colors, i cant set the option in nvidia control panel and im using the hdmi cable that i got with the monitor. I got one more monitor connected via hdmi but i've tried disconnecting it from my gtx 1070 and still nothing, however i can set 10 and 12bit when i change from RGB to ycbcr422 but it looks bad with that set up. I cant think of anything except changing to display port.
Pugetsystems says to use DisplayPort for 10-bit.

Also check your monitors settings. You might have to manually change it from RGB when using ycbcr. Looking at the user manual for your monitor. You would need to change it from RGB to YUV. As far as I can tell it is in the Main Menu > Color Adjust > Color Range.