Question 100% CPU Usage 100% DISK Usage

Apr 10, 2019
Hello. I recently started having a problem with my laptop
Ever since a couple of days ago my CPU and DISK usage has been around 80 - 100% even on idle. I have no idea what happened but I've tried every single "fix" on the web and nothing is helping!

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core I7-7700HQ @2.80GHz
Memory: 8GB DDR4 Speed: 2400 MHz Form Factor: SODIMM
Hard Drive: 1TB
GPU: Geforce GTX 1050 2GB
Brand: MSI

Pictures of task manager
Apr 10, 2019
What web fixes have you tried so that we don't repeat all the same things!
I have tried:
Defragging the disk
Disabling antivirus programs
Cleaning junk files
Disabling Windows Search
Changing high performance to balanced power mode
Restarting my pc
None of the above showed any results
Apr 10, 2019
Go into resource manager and identify the processes using the disk and CPU usage.

Is your BIOS up to date?
Have all the latest drivers been installed?
Are your windows up to date?
Windows is up to date
I am not sure if my drivers are up to date how do I check?
BIOS is up to date
have a scan with Malwarebytes Antimalware and Hitman Pro...

Might also want to look at CrystalDIskInfo for any indications of hard disk issues...(reallocated/damaged sectors, etc...)

If neither finds anything, you might want to start backing up any needed files to an external drive if you have one in preparation for a 'delete partition/quick format/reinstall of Windows'...

If for some reason this end up as a failing spinning drive, good as time as any to replace it with a Corsair MX500 1 TB SSD for $119...
Jun 11, 2019
I had the same problem and spent many hours trying loads of different recommended fixes but nothing worked. Then I found at manufacture my 1tb hdd had been partitioned to create a C drive for the OS and a D drive for storage, in other words a virtual second drive with only one physical HDD. 165gb used on C and nothing on the D drive. Windows 7 had the free upgrade to windows 10. The fix that worked immediately was to go to disk management from start menu, delete D drive and expand C drive to max. Then open command prompt as administrator and typed in chkdsk /r /f and hit enter. Then restarted pc and let it do the rest. Did it for me after 3 days of trying fixes. I now have one 1tb C drive. no more 100% disk usage, no more freezing or unresponsive windows 10, chrome or edge. Boot up fine now and working best it has ever done. This will not work on a machine with 2 physical drives. You are showing a C and a D drive