100% Fragmentation

CM Gith

Apr 13, 2008
I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with the standard insides, nothing fancy, and Windows XPd SP2 current on all updates. Within 4 hours my computer went from 10% fragmentation to it's current 97% fragmentation, according to Auslogic Defrag. agfor reasons I haven't figured out yet. I maintaining my computer with the customary utilities and tools weekly, have ruled out virus, malware, parasite, hijackthis looked fine, IE cache is deleted, temporary files deleted, redunant programs uninstalled, chkdsk, reversed a few tweaks, ran through Glary Utilities and Revo Uninstaller's variety of tools.
The effect, of course, is a computer nearly stopped dead in its tracks. The problem is there isn't enough room for any of the defragmenter tools to do their work. Auslogic needs 15% free space (i've got 3%), same with Microsoft and others. This happened one other time, and I ended up having to do a raw OS reinstall. I decided hibernation was the problem that time as the hibernation box was checked which i never do. I read that hibernation has the potential to run amuk whereby it continues to create duplicate the files in a hard drive until it's full.
I'm rambling now, so my question is what do I do short of another reinstall? I've looked for a magic tool and can't find one. I admit, now that I think about it, to have installed a few games within the past week, but noted no problem as a result. It's been several days since a new game was installed, and the problem began this afternoon.
No rush, but would appreciate any ideas any of you out there might have. I'm dainbramaged lately, so I won't be offended if it turns out I've done something ridiculously stupid and you're all out there rolling your eyes and pointing.
Thanks, CMGith


Feb 4, 2008
Chkdsk Fragments files.

if you only have 3% free on your HDD you are going to notice alot of slow down usually if you only have about 15% free space on a hard drive you notice a performance slow down. Stop looking for "magic tools" they cause more problems then they fix if you are running more then one. If i were you though i would back up and do a low level format. usually that is the best way to clear up any crap. Also you should never use hibernation on a desktop. Hope this helps :hello:

*Edit* There is nothing wrong with windows defragment tool.