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Question 100% gpu usage limiting to just 30fps?

Jul 6, 2020
I´ve been having this issue for two days now, i started to play rdr2 on my gtx 1060, i knew i could not get 60 fps at least on some decent settings, so I limited the fps to 30 with some medium and high settings, put the game on dx12 to get a smoother frametime, played around 2 chapters no problem, but one day i retired the gpu to clean it, put it back, launched the game and it was all the time below 30, temps were right, between 65, the fact is that before all of this I was playing at 30 fine, gpu usage never got no 100%, but now suddenly my gpu is at 100% all the time with the same settings and with the fps locked to 30? tried reinstalling drivers but that doesn´t seem to fix it, been trying different settings but it´s still the same. By the way i know that the game could give al least a stable 30 fps at medium settings, so the fact that this is happening is weird.

i5 4570 at 3.2ghz
Pny Gtx 1060 6gb
8 gb ram
1tb hdd

edit: after 3 days of doing everything I tried deleting the vulkan cache and it completely solved my issue
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