Question 100% usage on the ssd when i play a game


Nov 16, 2019
When i play a game that runs of my second ssd (A400 480gb) like gta v that is big and needs to seek information from the ssd instead of just run on the ram the ssd usage goes to 100% without reading or writing almost anything and stays there until the game stops which results to big stutters and the game being almost unplayable . The same thing happens when i transfer a file from the a400 to my other ssd but ONLY if i run a game or a benchmark that makes the gpu to run at 100%.

I have tried a another gpu from my friend and it did not resolve the problem
I have changed the power supply
I have reinstalled windows multiple times

For a long time i thought that the problem was on the mbd or the psu but not on the ssd because it is fairly new.
And because in hd tune it didnt show any issue.
But i am now pretty sure that the problem is in the ssd.

Do you think it could be anything else?

My specs
Ryzen 5 2600x
16gb gskill ram
Ssd1 256gb 860 evo
Ssd2 a400 480gb
Gpu gtx 970 msi
B450 pro4 f