Question 100% usage

Jan 21, 2021
I have 120 gb ssd (sata) as my system disk and 1tb hdd as my secondary disk. I noticed my ssd going up to 100% while playing games (steam and everything is on my hdd)
i can still do normal tasks like browse internet, watch something with normal usage sometimes it spikes to 100% aswell but its rare.
I did disk checks both of my disk are in "good" condition, i disabled superfetch and all of those stuff, tried updating drivers and nothing. So i just assumed im just unlucky and my disk is faulty but after installing my windows into my HDD i noticed the SAME thing.
Now its actually even worse with HDD all i need is to open browser and usage goes to 60% . I waited a day to see if its not just updates doing all those spikes to 100%
or something running in background but no. I could play some games on low details but it still lags.
I know its possible to just be unlucky and get 2 failing disk at the same time but my hdd is 2 months old and the one before had almost the same problems.
Could it be my MOBO/Sata controller? Or am i just this unlucky?