Question 1000D: Dual system worth it?


Jan 21, 2008
Hello All,

Last year i scored an amazing deal on a 1000D case and did an insane full custom water cooling system using 4 x 480mm rads and dual D5 pumps... but installed everything from my old gaming rig with the intentions of upgrading CPU/Motherboard/Ram when Zen 2 dropped, but i am a little underwhelmed with the results so far... yes its great increase over Ryzen 2000 series, but i feel like there is no difference in gaming performance between 3600, 3700x, and 3900x. Heck, Linus did a streaming benchmark and running everything off a single PC the 3700x and 3900x trailed behind the 9900k as well showed no difference in fps in games between the 3700 and 3900 while streaming...

My case is designed so you can run dual system in a single case, but it requires the use of a mini itx motherboard and SFX psu.

based on results im seeing in gaming benchmarks, mainly streaming... im divided between these 2 options...

Build a new system with 9900k for gaming and stream in my Corsair 1000D case, my heatkillers waterblock would mount to the 9900k just fine.... ~$710 upgrade


Build a new system with 3600 or 3700x and recycle my 3750k to do streaming with it, which would require me either to buy mini itx motherboard for it + sfx psu or cheap 2nd pc case for the old atx motherboard i already have and 2nd atx psu....... ~$623