100C CPU Overheating survived! Puh!@

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Aug 7, 2008
My Rig
Q6600 Core 2 Duo (2.4Ghz not oc)
Zahlman Reserator v1.0 (using it over 5 years already for all different CPU/MB)
Asus P5Q MB
2x1GB 1066 Kingmax
8800GT 512MB

Last night I was on my PC as usual and nothing remarkable happens until my PC froze. When I rebooted a bios msg


appeared, so I entered bios and was shocked to see that in HW-monitor it shows 100C (in red numbers)!!!

Here is a screenshot of my bios with temperature, but already cooled down to 88C when I found my photo camera http://upic.me/show.php?id=a5a6d9f08a7c0b7ecaf3dd142c088bce. And here is the screeny when I booted into windows with a still 82C hot CPU http://upic.me/show.php?id=fda654bc820ef0bed28c5ec01d37f827

Wow! Man, I was so shocked I had shaking hands when fixing the electrical problem of my water cooler which was a loose plug :( I used windows approx 5-10min without cooling until windows froze.

It seems that the CPU can bear much more then the so called 'max cpu temperature of 75C'. As in my example I could enter bios at still 100C and everything worked fine, now that did it.

DONT try it yourself or try to get a better score then me, you gotta burn your baby and you gotta cry every night, trust me :)

Not open for further replies.