100C within 10-15 seconds of boot.


Apr 5, 2012
My computer crashed about a month ago and I hadn't had time to get around to fixing it until recently. After fixing the original problem I was putting the heatsink back in and I cracked one of the pins. Today, I replaced the heatsink with new thermal paste and when I started the computer for the first time it crashed within about 20 seconds. I restarted and checked the PC Health Status in BIOS as fast as possible and saw within about 10 seconds from boot time the processor was already over 100C and crashed within seconds again. The heatsink sits flush with new thermal paste and I'm lost as to why my processor is heating at over 1 degree a second from boot time. I'm not O/Cing and the voltage settings are set to the same they we're before. Please help!


Mar 21, 2012
Cracked a pin or bent a pin? Pins on the motherboard or pins on the CPU? What type of CPU do you have (that will tell us what your motherboard socket is)?

Also, how did the computer crash? Did a surge hit it? Did you have some bad drivers? OS issues? Did it get in a car accident? Basically, if it was a surge or power outage, then it might be the PSU. However, this mysterious cracked/bent pin is the likely culprit.

Borrow a PSU, MB or CPU and test out a theory.