May 23, 2012
Hey guys,

Finally got all my parts for the rig, fired her up... no error codes thought all was good 5-7 mins later I went into the mobo bios to check temps and lo and behold 101oc for CPU! i'm not sure if thats realistic but its obviously not good (also it had autoshutdown turned off by default.. also not good so I fixed that). As soon as I turned on the autoshutdown if it went above 70oC I rebooted and prodded everything until I figured out that part of my heatsink wasn't seatig correctly. I fixed that(albeit could have probably redone the thermal paste but didn't have any on hand) and the processor wasn't black like burnt or anything, and now its running 37oC like clock work (IB i5 3570k). 1st question is that a normal temp? and 2nd, is there a software package I can run to verify my processor didn't get damaged and if it did how bad?
It should be good to go. Since it shut itself off like it was supposed to, only getting that hot once won't have hurt it. You could run a program like Prime 95 or Intel Burn Test to test for stability, but I don't really recommend that if you're not OC'ing. If you DO choose to use one of those, just watch the temps with HWMonitor, Core Temp or RealTemp to make sure the temps stay within a safe range.

And yes, 37C is fine for the stock HSF.