Question 1050ti Stuttering

Sep 6, 2019
Odd situation that i don't understand. My girlfriend bought a prebuilt system two years ago, isn't the best but so far has gotten the job done for smaller games and that's good for her (1050ti, 8gb ddr3, 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd, FX6300). Within the last few months it's decided to stutter a bit in games and i use minecraft to test cause it's the easiest thing to load up and see stutter. Also not very demanding. I've completely reinstalled drivers, checked cpu thermals, reinstalled ram and gpu, messed with nvidia settings for days, no luck at all. It runs the game at 160 to 240 fps uncapped, but stutters constantly. Borderlands 2 it runs max at 70 fps but also stutters. Nothing is capped out on task manager or really ever high besides ram cause it's only 1 stick of 8gb (I know it needs a new set of two, which i'll do soon) but it's a new issue so ram doesn't seem like the culprit to me. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't think it's bad components, everything checks out right.



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