Apr 19, 2021
Yeah I'm sure you guys' are tired of seeing the same "hoo hee code 43 help", and I understand that I'm probably just dumb, but my issue is;
-Code 43
-Installed the 1070 Ti disk, which I'd like to add is from 2017, that when installed it shows in device manager as the 1070 Ti, but not functional and is under Code 43.
-When I try to update it in anyway possible, it causes the whole PC to decide to not properly work anymore, forcing me to do a system restore.

If you need more information, which you prowill need, please ask. Thank you in advance, I know your probably tired of my type of people of this problem.
try downloading and install DDU.
then in safe mode run the application clicking on "clean and restart"
download the current Nvidia driver or Geforce experience and that will automatically pull up the current driver for you. Click on the driver tab in G.E. and install the driver. that should help and if you are getting the same code you may have an issue with your GPU.

if possible you can try in another system