Question 10700K Overheating - AIO Pump Failing?


Feb 19, 2014
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some help to determine whether my AIO cooler is failing and needs to be replaced, or there's something else I can do to fix this.

I'm running a 10700K with a ThermalTake 240mm cooler and my temps are just out of control, CPU is overheating and crashing. As I'm writing this with Chrome open it's at 90+ degrees with turbo off (3.8GHz).

I've applied new thermal paste multiple times. In BIOS, my AIO pump appears to be working (shows RPMs) and to the touch it feels like it's working. However my temps are so bad I feel like it needs to be replaced.

I've restored all default settings in BIOS plus tried various troubleshooting (disabled MCE, turned off turbo, etc etc).

Any advice here would be appreciated! Thanks.
i would guess you have verified that the 2x 120mm fans are running at a high enough speed to adequately cool?

how are the radiator + fans positioned,
what is the make & model of the AIO,
what fan curve is in place,
what case are you using,
what case fans are in use, how are they positioned,
what GPU temperatures are you seeing,
what is the ambient temperature in the room,..

you have left out a LOT of details.
AIO pump appears to be working (shows RPMs) and to the touch it feels like it's working.
what RPMs?

and do you just feel a slight vibration or actually feel a hard pulse like fluid is flowing?

also do you feel any significant difference in temperature between the two hoses?


Feel both hoses, right before and right after the pump. They should be the same temp. Should also feel a vibration.
If the hoses are obviously different, the pump is blocked, need new cooler.
If you don't feel any vibration, pump is toast, need new cooler.
How old is the cooler? It's possible that enough coolant has broken down and the gases permeated that it's simply not pumping much.
Is the pump below the rad?
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