[SOLVED] 1070ti bottleneck question

Dec 1, 2018
Newbie and I need advice from an experienced tech-head. Apologies if my post is all over the place lol. My PC specs are listed below, by the way.

My build is more on the budget side since I'm not really a hardcore high-FPS gamer (I'm only using a 60Hz monitor and am quite satisfied with it). Not really looking to invest much with an upgrade but if I ever do, I want to make sure it gives so much more performance than I currently have (I have other priorities IRL like marriage, starting a family, savings, etc.)

Okay, so on to the point! Last December, I was planning to make a 1060 6gb purchase since my previous reads tell me that it will work great with my CPU (2200G). My wife just happens to buy me a 1070ti before I could make a purchase! Sweet!

Now, I know there's serious bottleneck here and there at 1080p but I hardly ever get below 60fps on most games except for the demanding ones like FFXV, AC: OD, Shadow of Tomb Raider which hovers around mid-high 50's for the most part. I mostly play at 1440p ultra (custom resolution, I know lol) and I could say I'm quite impressed with the performance. FFXV plays at around 50, AC: OD at 47, and BF1 only goes below 60 when a whole lot is happening on screen i.e. explosions, smoke grens, vehicles catching fire).

I'm currently looking at an upgrade of say a Ryzen 2600X after I get my finances sorted out, hopefully. Simple question: how much FPS increase am I looking at with my preferred resolution? Is it really worth spending on or should I spend it on other things (like games) since I'm a little too tight with my budget haha.

Games I usually play are BF1 & 5, Rise/Shadow of Tomb Raider, FFXV, AC franchise, TW3.

Ryzen 2200G
Palit GTX 1070ti Dual
Gigabyte A320
Seasonic M12II-620
Corsair 8x2GB 2666Mhz
HKC 24" 1080p 60Hz (1440p custom resolution)