[SOLVED] 1070TI but CPU stuck at .75GHz


Mar 16, 2014
GTX 970 -> GTX 1070ti

i5 4670k (Not OC)

Updated Drivers
Speedstep off
Power saving off Performance on
Only occured after new GPU?

My GTX 970 quit working so I replaced it with a GTX 1070ti. My CPU is i5 4670k. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and all of a sudden my CPU will throttle down and drop to .75ghz and stay there. It happens randomly but I can trigger it at around 90-100% usage (Starting a new game or big teamfight in dota). I can't even play Dota 2. I updated drivers, set power saving to performance set GPU to performance but still it drops. The temps are never high normally 31C the highest I've seen is 45C.

The only "fix" I've found is either unplugging the entire computer while it's running or switching the PSU off while its running and restarting (sometimes multiple times) until the CPU is running 3ghz and it may work fine for an hour to 2-3 days. I'm kind of unsure what to do or if I need to buy a new CPU because just a couple of weeks ago I played dota with music and even videos or something playing on my 2nd screen.

Would flashing the bios be a possible fix? Reapply thermal paste (even though It's not overheating)? Should I overclock/under clock the CPU? Maybe my Motherboard? I had the thought maybe under-clocking it would stop it from crashing? I'm hoping for help before I invest another 400 dollars after just getting a new card. Any advice is welcome thank you all.


Aug 17, 2017
I’d definitely try making sure you have all updates installed. You could also go to your overclocking menu and just setting a multiplier at stock boost speeds and using stock voltage. Your CPU will always run at whatever you set but it won’t actually be working hard so it will be fine if it fixes your downclocking problem.

I’d try reinstalling windows if that doesn’t work.