1080 founders or aftermarket?


the founder edition have a single fan.
I ALWAYS get a GPU with more than one fan. the dual fan card can survive a single fan failure. that alone makes me get a dual or triple fan cooler.
Your link only shows the aftermarket card and not the FE card.
Your choice may come down to price of each.

I happen to like the FE cards and the blower cooler.
It is much easier to keep the case cool with all the gpu heat exiting directly out the back.

As to which card to buy, the aftermarket cards are usually stronger with factory overclocks.
They are sometimes more expensive because vendors know that fan coolers and bling sell.

I personally LOVE the look of the reference 10xx series but looks is all that it has going for it. An aftermarket card will be cooler, quieter and perhaps even have higher boost clocks due to its improved temps. So as its already mentioned unless you have a specific need/want for a reference card I'd go for a quality aib variant.

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