Question 1080, i7700k fps problem

Sep 20, 2019
Hello, i currently own a geforce gtx 1080 and i7700k cpu which was a high end pc before and still is a really good pc. However my fps on almost every game is super low, csgo, apex, destiny 2, pubg. And it has been like this ever since i first bought this computer. Before i had a 1060 and a i5700k and this setup struggled hard as well on basically every game so i decided to upgrade to what i have know and the difference wasn’t there either. When playing csgo i can drop to 90 fps, and i am usually at around 120-200 which shouldn’t even be possible considering the build i have right now. I am experience lag on every single game i play almost and this shouldn’t be happening. Previously i had a water cooler and i noticed that i had problem with my cpu temps so i decided to buy a budget cpu, cooler master h411r but my cpu when idle is like 60 degrees and goes up to 70 when im gaming which shouldn’t be happening. Anything that can help me improve my computer and stop the lag is highly appreciated, whether it is to buy a new fan or some settings on the computer.


case: corsair carbide 275r tg white
I dont exactly know the model of the power supple but I know its 650 watt
Then power down, open the case up, and look for the label. If you have to disconnect the unit to find the label, please do so. EX: Corsair RM650X.

From the userbenchmark results:
1)You HAVE to fix the single stick of memory configuration. It's not ideal for gaming oriented setups. The cpu works as a pair with the memory, so the lack of bandwidth in single channel mode affects it's performance too.
Using stronger gpus only further emphasizes the cpu limitation caused by lack of memory bandwidth in single channel mode - this is why moving to the GTX 1080 from the GTX 1060 didn't improve your situation.

Sell the single stick, if you are able to, and get a proper 2x 8GB kit. Or, if you choose to consider just adding another 16GB stick:
-Memory is only guaranteed to work as sold
-Different kits of the same brand and specs can still fail - this is simply the combination with the highest compatibility rate
-Symptoms of incompatible ram do not always show up right away: freezing/crashing, stuttering, BSODs

2)Very high cpu background usage(at the time of the benchmark).
Too many programs running in the background taking away already starved cpu resources doesn't help things.
You may have some unwanted programs lingering in the PC. I recommend doing a scan via Adwcleaner here:
Quarantine and delete everything it finds, if any.
Work with task manager and close unneeded programs during gaming sessions. Some exceptions, besides the game, are: Windows processes, the game launcher, system monitoring software.

Aside from those 2 points and the quality of the psu, that seems to be it.