1080p on old Socket 775 cpu's


Dec 17, 2008
First off specs:

Intel Pentium 4 630 HT 3.0GHZ socket 775 cpu
Biostar G31M+ Socket 775 Motherboard
onboard 3100 graphics

I use a ghetto setup to watch movies on my 50" TV, i have to bring my main PC (i3 2100, GT 430, 4GB) into the living room and hook it up to watch movies and do this EVERY TIME which is annoying. SO im going to use the old system above. The Pentium 4 630 cant handle 1080p movies though, not even from youtube. Its strange since it can even play games! But i wanted a cheap cpu upgrade and needed help.

Is the Intel Pentium 930 fast enough to play 1080p movies and videos? im going to obviously buy a used cpu from ebay, and the pentium 930 is around $19 including shipping. im on an EXTREMELY tight budget and i really didnt want to go much higher than that but if the 930 cant handle playing 1080p smoothly i will go up.

If the 930 isnt suitable: (remember price is my main problem)
is the e2140 good enough? at around $27 shipped it seems good but the core clock of 1.6ghz seems very low.
any other suggestions under $50?