Question 1080p vs 1440p for gaming


Aug 10, 2019
hiya all,

atm im gaming on a 1080p 144Hz 24in display ( benq XL2411p )

is it worth it going to a 1440p 27in display?

i mainly play destiny 2 PVP, i also play fortnite, war zone, borderlands 2&3

everything i see online says its worth it and also that its not worth it, i heard on 1440p its a bit clearer shooting stuff that is father away, unsure if that is correct,

pc specs are
I7 8700k overclocked to 5.0Ghz @ 1.26v
2 x 8GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 3000Mhz DDR4 Ram
EVGA 1080 Ti SC Black Edition
Thermaltake: Floe Riing -360 RGB TT Premium Edition
800W Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 CM
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB and 256gb EVO plus



Loving my 27" screen. 1440p is perfect for the size, scale being not too big (1080p) or too small (4k). Image is clear enough for me i don't use antialiasing = bit of an fps boost. I sit about an arm's length.
Not a perfect comparison but I have a desktop that runs 1440p @ 144Hz and laptop at 1080p @ 144Hz and play the same games on both. The 1080p image really makes me appreciate the 1440p, I’d never go back to 1080p for desktop.
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You get more real estate and see more of the game without having to scroll as much to see your surroundings. I think a high resolution makes the biggest difference in gaming experience.

I wouldn't however sacrifice color, refresh rate, adaptive sync, contrast, just to get higher resolutions. Assuming the quality of the panel is still in tact and you have the horsepower to run it, higher resolutions are absolutely worth it.

  • Imagine a 200hp Porsche that handles like a dream. (This is your 1080p gaming monitor)
  • Would you trade it in for a 500hp civic just because it has 500hp. (This is a plain jane 1440p minitor)
  • But upgrading your 200hp Porsche to 500hp is worth it. (1440p gaming monitor with bells and whistles)
You gotta have the baseline there which is color accuracy, refresh rate, sync, responsiveness, blur reduction. But damn that 500hp or 1440p is nice to have. Your system would run a 1440p nicely.
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Gaming monitors are usually labeled because of fast response times or low input lag. Input lag seems to be related to black levels. The deeper the black the longer it takes to change a pixel to color and hense the higher response time.

TN has the worse contrast/black level and therefore fastest response time. Colors are garbage on a TN panel. VA has good black levels which makes the images pop. Great color without black is no good. But the input lag is slower. IPS has great color, not as good blacks, better response time than VA. I don't think viewing angles are relevant on a monitor since you sit right in front of it.

Side by side TN is just a wash. They look faded with no color. Some pro gamers still use them for the response time. IPS has the best colors so are used more for professionals that need color accuracy. We now have VA which a lot of TVs are based on which gives better contrast. If you get a good VA with IPS level colors, acceptable input lag, and reduced blur you are set. The best all around gaming monitors today are VA based. And unless you are a pro gamer and sensitive to the minute levels of input lag you would love a VA panel.

Gaming is like TV. You want rich blacks and high contrast so the images and videos pop. Samsung even has Quantum VA panels with extra colors that even surpass IPS quality. Graphic artists on the other hand need color definition and what you see on screen has to match real life and the printer has to match what is on screen for photo editing, and this is why pro grade IPS monitors are super expensive. Pros don't care about black, they care about skin tone accuracies and levels. IPS was superior for years when TN was it's only competition. And the stigma that IPS is superior lingers to this day, but VA is around and it is the better choice for gaming for most people. Give it a look.

I think VA is the panel of choice for gaming for most people until OLED starts to hit the market and become mainstream. Samsung is also working on a competing technology to OLED.
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