Question 1080p vs 1440p

May 7, 2021
Hello Tom's Hardware Community.

I'm currently looking to get a bigger display for gaming mainly as well as music production.

My budgets allows me to get either a 27 inch 1080p monitor 144hz high refresh rate 1ms response time with an IPS panel, or a 27 inch 1440p monitor with 144hz refresh rate 5ms responsive time with a VA panel.

PS the reason I want a larger display is because i get really bad eye fatigue, so a 22-24 inch will just tire my eyes out,

So hopefully someone can help on deciding.

Kind Regards
What is the pc used for? If gaming what gpu are you running? There is a big difference in gpu requirement for gaming between 1080p and 1440p.

Personally I dont like 1080p at 27”, it’s just not sharp and I find the lack of sharpness in text annoying. 1440p at 27” looks very good but for AAA gaming it requires a high end gpu. I upgraded from a 2080 Super to a 3080 as I found the 2080 Super a bit underwhelming at 1440p.


Anything over 24" for 1080p is going to get a bit much for the resolution, 27" is going to result in some quite large pixels.
1440p is great for 27-32" range (Im running 32" for photo editing).
I personally would take either a 144Hz 24" 1080p IPS, or a 75-120Hz 27-32" 1440p IPS display.

As already mentioned, the GPU load for 1440p is going to be substantial over 1080p. My 290 does its best but AAA titles are out of the question.
Because Windows scales fonts so inconsistently, to avoid eyestrain most older people are going to want 80-90ppi pixel size so even the smallest fonts will be easily legible. That's pretty much exactly 24-27" 1080p

To give you an idea of what this looks like, this is the same as 17" to 19" 1366x768p 16:9 widescreen, or 19" 1280x1024 4:3. You get a larger screen to get more screen real estate at the same pixel density. 32" to 36" at 1440p thus has the same readability. So does 55" at 4k but that's taking things to extremes because nobody sits that close to such a big screen making an even lower 68ppi 65" 4k better.

27" 1440p is 100ppi so about the same as a 19" 4:3 screen at 1600x1200--a touch too fine but barely readable when things don't magnify properly when fonts are set to 150% size.

I understand Mac has no such issues with font scaling so small 4k to 6k screens are just fine
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