Question 1080p vs 1440p


Feb 1, 2021
I just moved from a 17 inch 1080p laptop to a 24 inch 1080p monitor and for obvious reasons (way less PPI) texts, videos and movies look blurry to me. I thought I would get used to it, but after almost 2 weeks of using it still makes my eyes uncomfortable, therefore I'm really wondering about getting a 27 inch 1440p monitor and returning this one. I have a few questions (sorry if they are stupid):
  • How noticeable is the change of 24 1080p to 27 1080p in terms of text/image size and sharpness for both gaming and browsing? Would twitter, for example, become a lot sharper for me since I'm used to a high PPI?
  • My desk is about 60cm and I sit about 60cm from the monitor. Would a 27 inch monitor be too big?
  • For those who actually played League at both resolutions and size (but feel free to answer if you haven't): My main game is League of Legends. Considering the distance between my eyes and the monitor, would that be too big for this game? And what exactly happens when playing League at 1440p, I have a higher FOV compared to a 24inch 1080p or everything just becomes smaller?
  • I have an RTX 3060. I tested it at 1440p in a few games, such as the Witcher by changing the resolution in options. Is this benchmark the EXACT one I would get in a QHD monitor?
  • One thing that makes me think twice before getting a 1440p 27 inch monitor is because I consume a lot of 1080p content, such as YouTube and Netflix, and therefore my monitor would upscale. Is upscaling an issue NOWADAYS (because I think upscaling got better throughout the years)? How noticeable is the difference of 1080p movies and videos in a 1440p monitor compared to a 1080p monitor? And would moving to 27inch 1440p make any difference at all for consuming content?
I know it's all about personal preference and what is best for you may not be the best for me, but since I live in Brazil I couldn't find a store that had both monitors to take a look at with my own eyes so I decided to make this post. Thanks a lot for reading it.