Question 1080p60 signal to 4k tv stuck at 30fps


Nov 1, 2009
Hi all,

I want to send a 1080p60 signal from my computer to my TCL 43S431 4K TV. Unfortunately, even when I select 1080p in the Windows 10 display settings, the TV is stuck in 4k mode and forces 30fps. I know that if I want 4k60 video, I need a better HDMI cable, but I don't want to use 4k at all. I just want 60fps at 1080p. Other HDMI devices such as my Chromecast work great at 1080p60 and the TV correctly operates in 1080p60 mode. Why won't the TV recognize a 1080p60 signal from my PCs? I've tried multiple PCs, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18, and the TV is always stuck in 4k30 mode.