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Question 1080ti caught coolant leak, mosfet burnt, what can I do now?

Apr 24, 2020
Bought this 1080ti second handed for roughly 500 usd, ran it for a night and with system running perfectly fine, the next morning computer turned off without notice, I went to press the power button, heard a pop from the power supply and a capacity capacitor is fried in the power supply, which is a rm1000i special edition, so I bought another rm1000x and plugged everything expecting it too run. Roughly 2 seconds after the system booted, sizzling noise came out from the GPU and started smoking, a lot of smoke.
The model of the card is 1080ti waterforce xtreme wb

I break the loop and removed the graphics card where I believe the smoke was coming from, took it apart and saw this (see pics below).

Any ideas to what I should do now? Is it possible to fix it, I have a hot air gun and I think im able to simply replace it if i have a spare chiplet nearby but I have no idea what I should do now with nothing near me.
Is it dead?

I cleaned it roughly just then, if nothing works out, I will take it to the local computer shop see if they can fix it for me. I'm quite experience with pc in general but not too good with the internal and not sure what is fine in terms of fixing these.
View: https://imgur.com/CtSAaw4

View: https://imgur.com/PhjDgxC

View: https://imgur.com/UQzldo3

cherry blossoms

Apr 13, 2016
The scope of an attempted repair appears beyond using a heatgun to try to refow

Would probably have to clean, inspect, demount, clean, inspect, reball several components, and check the board itself. That is just for visible damage and not for anything else NOT visible to the naked eye.

Depends on your skills, how much time/money you want to throw at the problem. Even then, no guaranteed results.
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