Question 1080ti Loud Fans and Can't Control Them

Nov 10, 2019
Hey guys, I've been struggling with my Galax 1080ti EXOC fans which have been jumping from low rpm to maximum with no valid reason to be doing so.

Software I've tried using to control my fans:

  • MSI Afterburner (Could not control GPU fans at all)
  • Xtreme Tuner Plus (Could not control GPU fans at all)
  • EVGA XOC (Could not control GPU fans at all)
  • Speedfan (Could not control GPU fans at all)
  • Zotac Firestorm (Can control fans for a bit before suddenly registering fans speeds as 0 rpm. The fans then physically max out.)
I've been using Kombustor to run stress tests when attempting to adjust my fan curve and so far only Firestorm has been some-what successful. The fans were matching my curve up until 52 degrees C. Firestorm then stopped registering fan speeds and the card maxed out. CPUID's Hardware Monitor also shows this. Fan speeds are around 925 rpm until the temperature of the card hits between 48 and 62 degrees. The fan speed shown in the software then drops to 0 rpm and the physical speed of the fans max out.

I thought it might have been an issue with temperature readings and poor thermal paste installation so I opened up the card, cleaned off and replaced the old thermal paste, reseated the thermal pads and finally the cooler. In the process I checked all connections between the fan cables and the board.

I have also reflashed my GPU bios wish Nvflash, moved the card to a new PCI slot and checked all power connections. Sadly nothing has helped.

I really appreciate your help guys,




Galax 1080ti EXOC

Asrock Z270 Pro 4

Super Luce 16gb (2x8) RAM