1080ti msi gaming x, does it have master and slave switch?


Dec 18, 2010
I just learned that 1080ti's have master and slave bios switches. I looked at my card and cannot find it. Does my card somehow not have this feature? I cant find any info in the manual or online. Anyone that knows your help would be appreciated.
You're referring to Dual Bios. No, your one doesn't have it. Some do. EVGA are ones that have it on the EVGA's 1080Ti FTW3 Gaming model. Doing a quick search it looks like only Palit are the other brand to offer it.

edit: TBH though, if your line of thinking is related to some kind of performance improvement, you're not missing out on much. For the most part the Dual Bios is for backup in case of system failure. On the Pailt version you have an OC Bios, and standard. You can do the same thing in software with MSI Afterburner, and apply the settings from startup. Okay, there would be the hassle free aspect of having the hardware OC, but is that really that important?


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some cards have dual bios chips. this is likely what you are thinking of. this allows for testing options on one bios while keeping a working bios installed on the second one. this way if something goes wrong you can swap to the working one and then start from scratch.

however, the gaming x does not have a dual bios, therefore you won't have a switch on the card to go between them.