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Question 1080TI | Much lower fps than other 1080TI users with similar clock speeds


Dec 7, 2013
My current setup is:

AMD Ryzen 3700x
Asus Strix 1080TI (1950 core clock and 5900 memory clock)
16gb ram @ 2933
Asrock B550 phantom gaming pro 4.
1440p @ 165hz monitor G-Sync

When i compare Shadow of War benchmarks (it has a short lil benchmark tool) i have 10-15 fps less than other benchmarks on youtube with a very similar 1080TI setup. And these are 3 years old....

In this particular video for Witcher 3, this person has 90 fps at the start of his video for a while, i only get to reach 70! fps there... I think that difference is kinda vast for the same GPU...
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt_7bjOG0yQ

Again, this is 3 years old and i'm lagging 10-20 fps behind... Funny thing is, i used to have this person's 7700k setup aswell but i was forced to change things up last week... Can't remember my exact framedata from before but i do remember reaching much higher in stuff like Witcher 3... I can't imagine my CPU being a problem could it? :S

The only thing i can think of that's different is that i'm @ 165hz G-Sync but even when turning all that off i don't notice any gain.

Should i be worried something is wrong? I find it rather annoying i have such less FPS than others with almost the same clocked GPU.