1080ti Not getting proper performance


Oct 31, 2017
So, I'm trying to play Borderlands 2, and my graphics card, a Strix 1080ti shouldn't have any trouble running this game at 144fps 1080p (I know it's a bit overpowered for 1080p, but I play to do some streaming later on, and hope to get 100+ fps in games while streaming). But, the game generally plays around 110fps, and often dips to 70, and rarely below 40fps. This is a new custom gaming rig that I built myself (with the help of someone who knows more about computer building than me). My specs are 16gb ram, strix 1080ti, and a Ryzen 7 2700, should this setup not be enough to get 144fps on Borderlands 2? I know it won't chug through every game at 144fps, but I figured that a game as old as Borderlands 2 would be no problem for this setup.
It's not the age of the game. Some games simply won't be capable of 144 FPS do to CPU requirements. The game developers of some games, simply did not plan for more than 60 FPS and did not fine tune the game to do more. If you get more, great, but you simply get sustained 144 FPS in many if not most games.

I might add, that a new Intel CPU with good overclocking is going to get more FPS than most Ryzen setups.