Question 1080ti Putting out Higher FPS/Usage When Tabbed Out

Apr 26, 2019
PC Specs - The Thing says Temp 90c, but immiedietly after I read that (it's in the first few lines) I opened and checked and it was showing 60c on my Corsair Link... so idk whats with that.

Video Example --

Despite not being stressed, my GPU and CPU aren't maxing out my game. (The Game in question is Black Desert Online.) And noticeably work better when I'm tabbed out vs tabbed in, while also not putting in much usage (still around 50-60 but not putting out crazy fps) when tabbed out.

The gist of the problem is that I get more FPS, GPU usage, CPU usage, ect when I'm tabbed out of the game as opposed to when it is tabbed into the game OR RUN IN EXCLUSIVE FULLSCREEN. I've tried multiple solutions to this, and thought I had found another workaround, but it turns out the issue came back today after a handful of hours so I'm posting to see if anyone can figure something out.


The only noteworthy thing that happened between my last time getting rid of this issue and now, is that it started after I reset my overclock. I was teaching a friend how to OC his PC and I was walking him through as I reset my Bios settings to default and then reapplied my OC. At first my OC (Same Voltage and ratio) wasn't stable (It was a 5.0oc with a 1.38v) but after mucking around with it, guessing and checking, and fixing some other strange settings that got changed but I never remember changing in the first place, I got my 5.0 OC stable back with a 1.35v).
Nothing changed about my video card, or my nvidia settings, but it was my GPU that was showing differences, not my CPU. Running Heavy Load it was putting out highly variable fps. Hovering around 335 for a few minutes, after a reset it went up to 800 then after another few resets it seemed to stick in the range of 630-740, with no other programs running to account for its high variability in both the first and second resets, or why it was fluctuating from 630 to 740 range. At no point during this did my GPU even break 65c, the highest it ever hit was 61c and its third fan never even started spinning up because it didn't exceed 70c


Last time I fixed it with a full re-format and a reinstall of windows and everything.
This time I tried to just update my video drivers - Failed (Failed as in didn't fix the problem, didn't update.)
I tried to downgrade to a known video driver version that was 'Optimal' for this game specifically -Failed.
I tried SFC / Scannow -Failed
I tried DISM Restore Health -Failed
I eventually got it fixed (although temporarily it seems), with an in-place reinstall of windows. I downloaded another Creators update, and ran setup and installed it over my current windows.

In the video you see my FPS drop into the double digits, but with the problem resurfacing now, it's still not using my CPU or GPU fully to put out optimal FPS (barely above my refresh rate with V-sync forced off and no frame limiter) or once I applied a frame limiter of my refresh rate, it dropped below my refresh rate, but will jump up to my refresh rate once I tab out. I have reinstalled nvidia drivers multiple times using DDU to clear everything. I've tried using default settings, and pretty much everything I can think of, even turning all of Gsync ON and then when that didn't work turning it all OFF again despite not having a Gsync monitor.

I ran a test and set my frame limiter to 60fps, and when I tabbed out, it locked my BDO to 60fps (for about 45-60 seconds) then as I started typing this post it shot back up to 144 fps without me tabbing off of my internet browser. But when I tab into the game it drops to 120fps.

After my first Reformat, and before this problem resurfaced, I was able to get 260-320 fps in this game while not streaming (but with shadow play running) in exclusive fullscreen, and 160-230 while in windowed full with Netflix running on my other monitor.

As a minor side request, I'd like to inquire about the frame limiter of NVProfile inspector, and if it could actually help with smoothness/occasional stutters over letting the game run un-fps limited, and if anyone else has any good profile inspector suggestions for BDO in particular or is up for answering profile inspector related questions. I feel knowledgeable about PC stuff, but I'm incredibly unfamiliar with the profile inspector advanced driver settings except for in passing. I know how to loosely optimize a game (aliasing off, vsync force off ect ect). But idk if the gsync settings should be touched or left on off, if the V-Sync control works at all or anything more than surface knowledge on it.
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