Question 10980XE with Older Motherboard - Boot Issues

Jul 1, 2020
Hi There,

I have recently upgraded from an 7920x (12 core) to a 10980xe (18 core) on the x299 platform. My memory is 3200Mhz, 8x Corsair DR4 DIMMS running XMP (128GB total).
I was able to successfully overclock the CPU to 4.7GHz on all cores, albeit for a short while, as well as RAM to XMP 3200.

Now, when running all 8x DIMMS (128GB), I am getting cold boot overclocking failures. I am however able to correct this through hitting "F1", and boot normally with these speeds, however on cold booting again, the problem returns.

My motherboard was one of the original x299 boards with an 8x + 4x CPU power input.
I am thinking that it is no longer up to the task of both OC'd RAM and a 18 core 10980xe, as if I boot with 4x DIMMS, there are no issues (note I have swapped these to check that there are no potential issues with the RAM), as well as performing stress and memtest successfully without error.

Could it be that this is now failing due to insufficient power to an 18 core CPU + 128GB 8x DIMMS, based on only a 8x + 4x CPU power input? The MB is about ~3 years old and was one of the original x299 boards (MSI x299 Gaming M7 ACK). I believe this has 10 phase VRM's.

Any assistance much appreciated.

(Forgot to mention as well, this is occurring when cold booting after a full power off). When running RAM at stock 2133 non XMP on all 8x DIMMS, the system boots fine each time. It is only when above 2666 on all modules that this happens, and at rated XMP 3200).
When running 4x DIMMS I can boot successfully each time at 3200 XMP, only with 8x is this an issue.
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