Question 10Gb Network Card crashing ?

Jan 25, 2022
Has anyone ever experienced their 10Gb network card crashing? I've had the same issue over 4 or 5 PC's and on different 2 switches!

What happens is, the system will be working fine for days, then the all network traffic stops on the card, the IP address stays the same. The only way to resolve this, is to disable the network card and re-enable it, then it all pops back up and works.

The fault doesn't trigger all at the same time, it could happened on one machine, but not effect another two on the same network.

Here's a rundown on the the key pieces of equipment;

  • All machines have the Asus 10GB network card
  • Netgear M4300 24 port switch with the latest firmware.
  • Approximately 1-2GBs bandwidth being used when it happens
  • Router is Peplink Max Transit Duo
All the machines are different, but in general they're all 10th Gen i9/i7, RTX graphics cards, 32+Gb ram, windows 10.

If anyone has any insight into what may be the issue, it would be appreciated.