Question 11600k temps while running aida64/prime95(update)

Nov 20, 2021
Hi guys and thank you in advance for any help you may give me. I just build a new computer,it's specs is:

case: bitfenix nova mesh tg 4argb
cpu: i5 11600k
cpu cooler: artic freezer 34 esport
motherboard: msi mag z590 torpedo
psu: bitfenix formula gold 650
Thermal paste: artic mx4
I undervolt the cpu in offset mode -0.090v, when I run cinebech r23 the cpu max temp is 65ºC but when i run aida64 fpu test the cpu reach 100ºC in seconds the same thing happend when i run prime95 with avx. The idle temp is around 24-30 always.
it's the first time i assemble a pc so I don't know if the cpu cooler isn't enough for the cpu or I misapply thermal paste when I assembled it.

all the hardware:
I saw in xtu that turbo boost power max(pl1) and turbo boost shoort power max(pl2) were at 288w by default. I don't know if it is normal but i change it to this values: View:

are the previus 288w power max normal? is there something I should change in my configuration?
thank you in advice.
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