Question 11600kf creates too much heat


Jun 16, 2016

Working on this configuration
[=]ASUS 560
[=]NTEL 11600KF
[=]CPU Fan Arctic CO 12
[=]One Back fan
[=]One back top fan
[=]Two rear case fan's
with default setting on* TURBO BOOST (CPU and m are new) causing too much heat. its an upgrade from (ASUS b250m & i7100)

While performing 'easy' task's CPU working on 5-10 % ((3-4.5Ghz) via balanced power plan) which doesn't make any notable heat at 50-60 Celsius. Enough interesting : if via power plan maximum processor power will be set to 99% , it will skip boost and will run maximum at 3.7ghz. As well With in bios Turbo disabled - CPU run's at ~3.9 (pretty similar with turbo enabled with power set on 99%) and heat stays at 50-60 at 100 usage % in render or other software.

So working with CPU intense applications such as ffmpeg or other software, causing CPU to OVERHEAT over 97-100 Celsius in no time (fast quit forcing application reduces back to 50-60 state) which according intel documentation processor should DIE at this temperature.
I want to know how adjust turbo automated CPU frequency without completely disabling it.




My original idea for this was a super small form case on a low profile Noctua. My idle temps were barely better than what you are showing and under load and a couple of games would bounce off 100C.
I just upgraded to a Noctua tower cooler that would fit in my rethought case.

Put simply you should get a FAR better cooler than that.

I am not sure if you could impose a lower power limit on it or not...
Install Intel's XTU, and, adjust all-core max turbo values downward a couple hundred MHz and retest....(until figuring out if your case will accept a Noctua NH-D15....or, getting a $65 ATX case that will)
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You do yourself and the cpu a disservice by downclocking. You spent extra to get the 11600k over a 11400 and then chop it off at the knees, in effect ending up with a castrated cpu. It would have been cheaper to go with a 11400 at that point.

In order to get your money's worth, that cpu needs to be free to fly by the seat of its pants, and that requires cooling able to handle its heat output. I'd be looking at the 200w class coolers such as the Arctic Duo, Scythe Fuma 2, BeQuiet DarkRock 4, Noctua NH-U12A, Cryorig H5 etc.

In order to keep the SFF case, most likely you could fit a Noctua NH-L12, but that is a 175w cooler so you'd still have to be careful with power limits when dealing with high AVX usage games.