$120 PC Case


Sep 19, 2011
Hello guys. I need a good case for my build (i5 -2500K, GTX 570) and that fits an Corsair H60 under $120. Thanks in advance :)
There are plenty of choices - mid towers are smaller and take up less space, but full towers have a lot of room inside the case which makes cabling easier/better, and your case will cool better with less effort. If you chip in another $10-20 for a full tower, it'll be worth it IMHO.

The HAF 922 and 932 are great places to start. Other good cases include the Raven RV02 and NZXT Phantom.



NZXT Phantom probably is one of the "best bangs for you buck" cases out there (a full tower with impressive cable management and a smexy look, not to mention 4 fans included; an all-in-one package for just around $120 to $130:D). It's a great buy.
I was going to buy the Phantom when I was upgrading (had it in my Newegg cart) when I saw the Raven, and the nerd in me fell in love with the case design. It actually was a very efficient cooling solution too, and handled 3x470s on air. Now I've switched to WC but there's still a lot of space inside.


Sep 24, 2011
Cooler Master Storm Scout. Has 3 120mm fans with room to expand. Has a vented side window too. The inside of the case is completely painted black, unlike HAF 912, 922, 932 which are bare metal. $79 after rebate on newegg


Sep 24, 2011
Okay, I know you specified under 120$, but I had to pitch this one forward. It's what I bought myself last week.
Cooler Master HAF 932

view here:

Very roomy (can fit 3 top of the line and top of the size chart GPUs with ease), fits just about any type of motherboard though you'd want to go for ATX in this baby.

Comes with 4 fans (3 of which are huge!)
1x Front 230mm fan (which shiny red led for that "I'm pure evil" look)
1x Top 230mm fan
1x side 230mm fan
1x rear 140mm fan

Supports future water cooling, if you choose to go that path.
Has no-tools-required HDD slots, meaning you won't have to fidget around with screws just to install or extract your HDDs (simple click lock mechanism).

Has a pretty window to look in on your internals and extranally it looks like the military recycles the stealth bomber into your PC case.

HAF stands for "High air flow" and it seems to provide just that.

Goes for 139$, which is an extra 19$ over budget but totally worth it in my opinion.