120GB SSD Enough for C drive?


Dec 11, 2011
hey guys, was thinking of getting a small SSD and using intels SMART Response, then i thought i may aswell buy i bigger drive on use SSD as my main drive, however, is 120GB Enough? Iv just done a fresh install of Vista x64 and updated it to SP2 and installed Battlefield 3 and updated and my 500gb HD only has 386gb left, even though tecnichally i know my 500gb only show as 465gb so hasnt used all that space, what you guys think?


Jan 12, 2010
Yes, that's easily enough. I have four or five games (WoW, Skyrim, etc.) installed on a main SSD along with Win7x64 and still have about 40gb left. No worries. Just store all your main data (i.e. movies, music, pictures) on a separate HD - and backup. Never forget to backup.


Oct 17, 2010
If you're paranoid about backups, I'd recommend having 2 external backup drives, stashing one at a friend/family member's house, have them do the same, and use a program like Crashplan (free for p2p backups) to back up between computers (you can do the initial backup locally to save bandwidth).

If you don't mind mucking around with a bunch of NTFS junction points, registry modifications, etc, you can have Windows installed on a SSD as small as 30GB with a much larger mechanical drive for all the big stuff (that's what I'm doing right now, not sure I'd recommend going that small. With the Users folder, ProgramData folder, and several random folders in the Windows directory on the big drive, I have 4.20GB of free space on the SSD and 70GB of free space on the 500GB drive). Visual Studio 2010 can't update to SP1 because it wants to use the C: drive


May 14, 2010
I do believe SSDs dont run as well over 3/4 full, so even if you can squeeze an install into 30, 60 GB is preferable. Plus, you do want to fit some apps on there and maybe some games if you want to actually the benefit in those games. If you want to fit more apps and games, 120+ gives a good amount of room. Theres really no need to go 240+, just save large files like music and movies onto a normal HDD. Those kinds of files don't really need to be read fast anyway.