Question 120mm radiator

You mean like a small tank of water physically installed on a graphics card? Not officially. There are no such things on the market, especially for a 1650. You'll have to make your own mounting bracket by designing it in a 3D modelling software and then 3D print it.

If you're just talking about regular water cooling, then also bad news, there aren't any brand name water blocks for the 1650. It's a low tier card that no one would waste money on water cooling when they can just buy a better card.

Even if you were to get a small water cooler on the 1650, the performance difference would be negligible. It'd be a waste of time if you're seeking performance uplifts. If you're just doing it for the lol's or want to hard core overclock, there are "water tank" like tools out there but mainly for liquid nitrogen overclocking, this is extreme and would not recommend unless you know what you're doing.


Mar 1, 2019
The reason is, the card boost itself to 1980mhz and gets a bit hot. 89°c. The the fan is loud, high pitch and very very very anoying when gaming. I tried many apps, set new fan curvse, then the fan goes nuts. Up, down up down up down, even undervolted it, set max temp to 70°c but still goes all to 89. There is no stopping it. I just want to put like a smaal radiater and pump on it like a 120mm radiator for cpu. They are expensive where i live. 1,2k in my currency. I just want to know, will a cpu water cooler fit on the gpu? I did do searching and found nothing for a 1650

I just want it to be quite. The rest of my pc is dead quite.