Question 12400f socket support


Lga1156 release through lga1200 release all used the same pinholes distance, so any cooler with a standard Intel mount would work. Intel changed the pinholes for the lga1700 motherboards, so requires a new style mounting bracket. The bracket itself is nothing more than an adapter, you can change the mount to old Intel, new Intel, old Amd, new Amd. So all you require to use Any cooler, or aio pump, or cpu water block is a lga1700 compatible mounting bracket.

If it's a brand new cooler, it's very possible CM has updated and included the lga1700 bracket, but that depends entirely on the actual age of the cooler. (how long did it sit in customs, on the shelf in storage, on the shelf in the store etc). If there's no bracket for lga1700, you can contact CM customer support. They'll either send you one, or sell you one, or maybe find one on places like eBay.