Question 12900k STRIX-Z690-A D4 AISuit 3 OC Unstable&Crashing. Help please :)


Jul 2, 2012
AISuite3 have been stable for a while, with only a few crashes with the settings on the trippel picture.
However after returning bios to default and running it again, It's way to unstable!
Games crash to desktop and the entire pc freeze and restart without blue screen and sometimes with.

I have the Cooler Master V850 SFX Gold & Rtx 3080.
Sfx due to the Lian Li Mini.

Without to much effort into I want a decent stable easy overclock that throttles down.
The AI overclock right now seems to be set to 1.430V constant with CPU temp at 45.0!Shouldn't AIOC set adaptive voltage?

The picture with 3 screenshots are from the previous AI OC, which didn't crash me as often as the single picture.

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