12K High End No Budget Gaming Build

Alex Bonner

Oct 7, 2014
Hi Guys.

So been looking into a new build and just cant seem to find the information on parts I think I need for it to be worth while.

I already have 3x 4K monitors being run by 2x Gigabyte G1 980Ti's with surprisingly good results. Have to make some sacrifices and sometimes I just have to run them in 78x14 res but until the 1080Ti was a out I knew that would be the case. I'm not a fan of Nvidia stock PCB's or Founders cards so I've been waiting for the custom boards and coolers.

Q1. My plans was grab a 7700K to replace my 4770K along with a new Z270 MOBO but I cant seem to find a dual 16x slot MOBO. Did they not bother after Broadwell to implement dual 16x?

Q2. Also hopefully without starting a riot its worth asking if a high end RYZEN would better suit my needs?

Q3. DDR4 - Would buying 64GB of RAM benefit me?

Q4. M.2 SSD - Does any Z270 MOBO have extra bandwidth for M.2 drives or do they all just help itself to my PCIE allocation?

Appreciate your time, thanks Guys.

Rogue Leader

Q1: there are many dual 16x slot motherboards in Z270, however in SLI they run at x8. Your current motherboard also runs the 2 x16 slots at x8. Only X99 platform (not worth it for gaming) can run 2 slots at X16 and only with a 40 lane CPU ($1000 cpu)

Q2: right now the 7700k games way better. Ryzen R5 might be more competitive gaming wise but we just don't know as its not out yet.

Q3: 64GB of ram is a waste of money. Heck for gaming anything over 16gb is a waste of money.

Q4: M.2 drives use the PCIe lanes from the motherboard, of which Z270 has 24. They will not be pulled from the 16 lanes your CPU has for the GPUs.

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