12v 4 pin cable lenght ???


Apr 5, 2012
Does anyone on this forum have one of these power supplies,and if so how long is their atx 12v cable,'cause i'm about to buy one of these and use in thermaltake v3 case,and since the psu is on the bottom this cable might be short to reach the top of the mobo like it is now with cheap generic psu.
The power supplies are :

Gigabyte superb power 460w

Fortron 'Hexa series' 400w

Chieftec GPA 450s 450w

Cheers !!!
The Thermaltake V3 is 430mm tall, which is relatively short for a tower.

Shows the cables lengths for the Chieftec GPA 450S 450W unit, in this case the 4pin cable is 35cm long.

According to this review:
The 4+4pin cable on the FSP Hexa 500 is 40cm long. I would expect the cable to be the same length on the 400W version.

Review for the Gigabyte Superb 460W:
It doesn't state the cable lengths, but maybe looking at the pictures will give you an idea how long they are.
The CPU power cables are generally long enough if you run it directly from the PSU to the motherboard. They are generally not long enough if you want to route them behind the motherboard tray for better cable management.

In that case, use an extension.

I cannot vouch for the quality of the other two power supplies, but avoid the Chieftec. It is junk.