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Question 12V 4 pin connector


Dec 9, 2012
Hi guys,

according to pc part picker, for my x570 TUF board I need a PSU with a "additional 4-pin ATX power connector". It seems these are the ATX 12V PSU's that I need?
Is this one? Seasonic Focus 650W 80+ Gold certified fully modular (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/RzfFf7/seasonic-focus-650-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-focus-gx-650 )

according to their website , this is a "Intel ATX 12 V" and has 2x "CPU (8/4 pins)". So one for the 8 pin on the motherboard and 1 for the 4 pin?

Any ATX12V PSU has a 4-pin power connector.

An EPS12V compliant PSU has an 8-pin connector, but 99% of the time these split in two to make usable 4-pin.

Whether you actually NEED a 4-pin in addition to the 8-pin on some boards depends completely on what CPU you are using.

99% of the time, the PC functions normally with just a single 8-pin.

But to answer your question, according to Seasonic's website, there are two of the 8-pin (4+4) connector cables: https://seasonic.com/focus-plus-gold?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=06d6581d2ce0dff9910356f601be62d8b61e5fac-1589483879-0-AbQ3ZAUefaT7kWLQUWi-medp73PW-E4hHF0xug21cWVYluTtJvOGWKkn_expRO-GN6-0uxXPhmF8Twqne8dEoFk92k2e0z22aNBG4-thbgdBD5U1C8-N_kOlbF_inmVMgDVOXgth6xINSp728IZo7nY-Jwl7Y5WJ6LSOsVsrXBfP8LSycXDfI4jTa6q-7wW2pm7-vBfcAP7Ef99SauH_en2hdi7GKVAhhiyyR5CZc1G1-DbfYv2yEtPgJrGwjpylnFSOiuX4d-C4-7N36fWWt346mctjM5DKUJlnsmmb_dZM#specification