+12V Rails on Raidmax RX 1000W for GTX570 sli


Nov 9, 2012
Hi everyone.
I bought Raidmax RX 1000W for my new MSI GTX570 TwinFrozr PowerEdition. I have not fitted it yet. I will next week since I am not at Home.
Please I know how most people on the net hate Raidmax, so please don't criticize the brand or refer me to another brand because I bought this already. My friend has a Raidmax 730W & impressed by it. :sol:

My Question:
Since the MSI 570 needs 38A on the +12V rail.
Raidmax has a Quad +12V Rails each rated @36A. Two of them are for the 6x 6Pin connectors. 36A for the 2 embeded Fixed 6Pin connectors and 36A for the other 4 optional Modular 6Pin connectors. (Modular referring to the cables that can be connected to the PSU optionally)

Now Do I need to connect the 2 PCI Connectors to the GPU from the two different rails. Like using one 6Pin from the fixed and another from the Modular 6Pin?


Don't know the psu , it got a pass from [H], that's tough to do

Graphics power recomendations are for the entire system , not just the card, they are looking for a psu with a minimum 12v output of 38a, not 38a on a single rail
You have 2 x 36a rails dedicated to the pcie connectors and the slot providing power from another 36a rail, doesn't matter how you hook it up, 2 rails or 3, you ain't gonna overload anything
The GeForce GTX 570 would be drawing around 9.5 Amps or less through each 6-pin PCIe power connector on the graphics card and less than 2.25 Amps from the +12V power lines of the PCIe x16 slot when running FurMark or some equivalent GPU stress testing tool.

You won't even be close to overloading either the +12V3 or +12V4 rails that are dedicated to the PCIe power connectors. Using just the two hardwired PCIe power connectors will be fine.