Question 12V RGB header defective

Nov 13, 2018
Okay this is gonna be a bit long but I'll try to shorten it down as much as I can. It's almost been a year since I bought a pc and my motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro. It has a 12V RGB header on it. After a couple days of using my pc I switched my case fan rgb connector from the built in rgb controller on the casing to the rgb header on the motherboard.

The fans were RGB and they used to work fine when they were connected to the RGB controller that came with the casing. But when I connected it to he motherboard for some reason it couldn't show green light at all. At first I thought maybe the fans aren't RGB. But a couple months later I realized that it could show all the shades mixed with red and blue. And checked the retailer's page and it said they were RGB fans.

I didn't really mess it with it until one day while cleaning my pc I disconnected all the fans' rgb connectors and when I tried to re connect them I heard a spark and (my pc was on at the time so that I could see if the rgb on the fans are working properly) I heard a spark and the lights on the fan turned red. I thought maybe the spark reset the rgb or something but I didn't investigate immediately. But later when I was checking if the rgb was okay (I use RGB Fusion to control the rgb) the fans no longer showed blue lights and started being able to show green now along with red.

So the spark was from the RGB headers. I think I do know what cause the spark but I carefully tried the same thing again but it no longer created any sort of spark. And also one more thing I noticed was that before that happened one of the male rgb connector (u know the type that has pins coming out) that had to lay exposed because it needs to be connected to the next fan ( but there wasn't any left) was conducting electricity. It zapped me when I touched it but after the spark thing happened it no longer did so.

Maybe thats the one that touched the rgb controller on the case. And earlier today when I was cleaning my pc again and I disconnected the rgb connector from the header on the mobo to clear some room, the pins looked burnt on the tip. The header was RGBW and my connector was only a 4 pin RGB connector so the last pin on the mobo wasnt burnt the same way. It was white as it was from the start. Any idea what might be wrong? Should I take it to customer care? I still have my warranty left.
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