Question 12vhpwr 90 degree angled adapter for a 4090 ?


Jan 10, 2021
I am trying to find a good 90 degree 12vhpwr adapter for my 4090, but can't find one. I would rather get it through amazon, but i don't wanna hook up a piece of crap to my $1800 GPU. At the moment the one that came with my PNY 4090 is bending against the tempered glass which i would rather not do. It is fully seated in so it shouldn't "melt". However it is putting stress on the connecter to the GPU PCB connecter which is is something i would rather avoid. So... a 90 degree adapter.

Anyone got one they can suggest that is made well? Cablemod apparently wont have them for a good month or 2.

Side note: These GPU's are just getting ridiculous. Case max GPU length 335mm, PNY 4090 is 331mm. I legit had to insert it diagonally and wiggle it down into position.
It's a mid-size case (Anidees Ai Crystal Cube AR V3 Dual Chamber if your curious).