1333mhz vs 1600mhz


Nov 1, 2011
Hello guys I recently built up a new pc with kingston blu memory branded at 1600mhz. As expected it ran at 1333mhz at default which i set to 1600mhz.PC ran well for about 5 days then i got a random shutdown that took like 10 mins before it became bootable again. When i restarted the memory switched back to 1333mhz and since then ive never tried to increase the speed again and everything has been running perfectly. My main question is how much a difference does the speed difference actually affect performance, these parts werent cheap and i rather not have random shutdowns occur.
for most things such as gaming, browsing the web, etc, memory speed isn't a big deal. Although, you would still want your memory to run @ 1600mzh stable as it is supposed to, because something may be bad in it. Run it @ 1600mhz at the correct voltage, timings, etc and run memtest86+ or windows memory diagnostic and let it pass 20 times. If it does not pass, the memory isn't working properly, but if it all passes, the problem is somewhere else, like the motherboard.