Question 13700k gets extremely hot with 360mm AIO ?

Feb 27, 2023
At stock settings I'm hitting 86 degrees in Cinebench, and that's after disabling MCE in bios. I tried doing a very light 100mhz all core overclock and Cinebench jumped up to 95 degrees! I tried undervoling by 0.04V and saw a 1 degree difference. Tried reapplying thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly Kyonaut), no difference whatsoever. I'm using the thermaltlake contact frame too. This CPU just simply refuses to stay cool no matter what.

Idle temps are generally around 38 degrees, with spikes up to around 50 while performing small tasks. In Planet Coaster (very cpu dependent sim game) temps jumped to 90 degrees. Radiator is set to max speed. Tried adjusting fan curves and saw no difference whatsoever. Used multiple different softwares to monitor temps and they all reported similarly. Is this $250 AIO just hot garbage or something? I have 7 exhaust fans and 3 intake. (3 intake on bottom, 3 exhaust on side (lian li infinity), 3 on the top mounted to radiator (also lian li infinity), and 1 in the back. And yes I removed the plastic cover on the radiator. The GPU runs very cool so I don't think there's any issue with it blowing hot air into the radiator. Only thing I can think of that I haven't tried yet is setting the 3 side exhaust fans to intake.

i7 13700k (stock)
EVGA rtx 3080 ftw
MSI z690 edge DDR4
Case: NZXT H9 Flow
Aorus Waterforce 360mm AIO
32 gigs 3600Mhz DDR4
Latest BIOS update
Brand new drivers on everything

Here's an imgur gallery of my PC so you can see what the setup looks like:


What is your ambient temperature where you are?

I personally prefer a positive pressure case so I would flip the exhausts around to be intakes but this will depend on the first question as if you live somewhere hot then the temps you are experiencing could be fine.


What is your problem??

Modern processors and motherboards will try to run full out up to the 100c. throttle point.
Many still aren't used to it. Ryzen 3000 and 5000 reactions to low load thermals were, and still are, a popular example of this.

In Planet Coaster (very cpu dependent sim game) temps jumped to 90 degrees.
Please be more specific on which cores did this, because if all of them didn't do it, there may not be a problem here.

I recommend taking a look at this video: