Question 13700kf - thermal throttling (need upgrade build help)

Feb 3, 2023
3 weeks before my old rig fx8350 died. And I had to get a new one same day because I had urgent project running..
I mostly use it for content creation pretty much for 8-12 hours a day on average.

I did some testing with the help of Cinebench , hwinfo and intel xtu, and came to know
as soon as cinebench starts rendering cpu instantly hit 99-100C and starts to thermal throttle
and core frequency lowered down to 4.6 ghz. So after some digging I tried undervolting it, first boot failer at offset -0.060V and found a stable spot at (offset -0.040V)
and with underclock it to 4.8 ghz , max temp 97C.
I have also attached image for more detail view of what i did in XTU and my cinebench result of after the undervolting.
Cinebench Result INTEL XTU
Here is full breakdown
CPU - i7 13700kf
Motherboard - gigabyte z790 UD AX DDR5 WIFI
RAM - Corsair vengeance DDR5 5200mhz xmp (16gbx2- 32gb total)
CPU fan - Deep cool Gammaxx 400 pro (I later came to know this isn't the right cooler for 13700kf)
Power supply - cooler master G700 gold 80 plus
SSD - Crucial P3 Plus 500GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD

And below parts I carried from old rig
- Asus GTX 760 2 GB OC
HDD - 1 tb WD
SSD - sata 250gb
Cabinet - I don't know the exact model name for this.

Aim is to use its full potential and may be if possible a moderate overclock if needed later in future.
I would like to focus for the long run, would prefer stability over a short 2-3% boost,

I need help on picking a GPU, PSU, Cabinet and Cooling solution
Ram - I want add more 32 GB ram.
GPU - Asus tuf RTX 3060 TI 8 GB, a good option in my view
CPU fan - Air or water you guys suggest please
PSU - I don't think 700w is enough with this cpu and rtx 3060ti, which psu would be right I'm not sure.
Cabinet - good air flow or AIO liquid cooler supporting. Which ever is necessary.
and anything else you guys think would be nice to have.
Sorry If my questions are stupid, I don't have enough knowledge of this sort
20K indian currency for case and cooler combined
something in 20k that give a good price to performance ratio.
You can top mount or front mount a 360 AIO with this case but tbh the DeepCool AG620 should work just fine. What you want to do though is make sure you add a 120mm case fan for this case and mount it in the rear for a rear exhaust fan. As far as choice of AIO .. I have only used air cooling myself but hopefully someone with more knowledge on AIO's see's this thread.
Phanteks Chassis Eclipse G360A Mid Tower Case ₹7745/-
Feb 3, 2023
Thnx for effort man,

Hope someone with AIO knowledge looks this up.

However, There is lot of mention of noctua NH D15, is that good? Which one would be better noctua or DEEPCOOL AG620
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