1394 to aiw?


Jul 15, 2001
Have Digital VCR W/1394 output. Have Asus mobo w/1394 port. Can I hook the two together to ultimately use my AIW 9700 TV tuner? If so, how? Thanks
Probably not. It's just one of those things where alot of peripherals don't play well with the way ATI uses the overlay and you'd still have to get a program to send that TV tuner info through your firwire (it's not a standard output option).

I know that for my R8500DV and PCI AIW it was very limited what you could do with the tuner picture/signal/info.

You're likely going to have to ask ATI directly to get a good/definitive answer (since this definitely isn't one)

You might also try asking the TV/Video forum (but most of the regulars from there are here too).

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